Wednesday, 1 May 2013

SHP Running Squad 2013 - First training run...

Tuesday 30 April - 10am
Equal measures of sun, blue sky & energetic enthusiasm
as the committed 'SHP-RS' gathers at Cornish St for a holiday's training run.
Warming up and stretching before we headed off into the beautiful Belmont Regional Park

A serious rest at the Korokoro dam (halfway!!)

 Enjoying the's a very serious business this training...maybe everyone is just reflecting on the run back?!

Whew! Everyone made it back, safely, non-stop and pretty happy with the individual and team effort (the sand-flies cut our warm down stretch a bit short!!)
The only disappointment was felt by Mr T, who struggled to produce an echo in the valley - not for want of trying!

Looking forward to hearing about the individual training runs everyone has completed when we meet on Friday 10 May 7am, for our next squad run.


  1. Wow hard training during the holidays!!


  2. I think that it was pretty easy. So does Rachel. We're pretty pro runners. Good job to everyone who did running squad. I'm looking forward to the run tomorrow

    Fitzy (James) :o