Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Strategic Planning Meeting

Here is a notice going out tomorrow about our Strategic Planning Meeting 
(make sure you check out the video below also!)

Sacred Heart School, Petone
As you would have read in the invite your child gave you – our school Strategic Planning Meeting is being held at Sacred Heart on the 30th October (6:30pm).

Our strategic plan is used to set the direction of the school for the next three years, school management sets our annual goals based on what the community decides to put into the strategic plan.  A few examples of ideas that were raised and given support at the last meeting, and subsequently followed through in the Strategic Plan or in direct changes in practice are:

     1.           High standards of literacy and numeracy/thorough basis in core subjects
Over the past 3 years the BoT and School Management have continued to focus on the performance of all students in Reading, Writing and Mathematics. We have had a literacy focus for staff professional development and this year have extended our middle literacy block to two hours.
     2.      Longer Reporting to Parents meetings
Our reporting to parents meetings have changed from 10 to 15 minute slots. We have had staff meetings dedicated to ensuring we have clear and accurate reports.
      3.     Cultural Understanding and Participation
We have continued to explore the cultures within our school, we are now celebrating more language weeks and have plans to continue to bring the cultures of all students into the day to day life of our school

To ensure that you come to the meeting fully prepared – the main areas of discussion are outlined below. We will be working in smaller groups and discussing each. Feel free to bring some notes to the meeting.
If you have any questions about the Strategic Planning Meeting, feel free to contact Liz or Chris.

      A.      What do our students need in order to reach their potential?

      B.      What learning experiences would you like for our students?

      C.       What are the skills and attributes that all Sacred Heart students should have before leaving SHP?

      D.       What is the school doing well?

      E.        What could the school do better?

      F.        What are the most important things to focus on for the next 3 years?