Sunday, 28 April 2013

Our Quadblogging challenge for this week...

Our Quadblogging challenge for this week...

Well done to Caitlin, Maia and Emi - (and any others who commented on our Melbourne Quadblogging class last week) Table points await you on your return to class in one weeks time.

I know it's the holidays but it would be great if all Kakapo students that are able could please post some Komments on this blogsite:

Its a class from Constantine Primary School in Cornwall, UK.


  1. Hi Mr Theo, I have tried to post a comment on the blog three times but the Blog is having trouble posting the comment - it keeps telling me to slow down!Is it ok if I post it when we get back to school or what do you think the problem may be?

    1. Thanks for the message Dom,
      I have copied a post from the Mr Theo blog that explains the issue in a little more detail.
      Mr Theobald