Sunday, 14 April 2013

"Who am I" projects

This term in Kakapo class we have done "Who am I" project. 
Mr Theo gave us an assignment in Week 3 and had to complete it in week 8. In our projects we had to include these things in this photo.
 The favorite thing we enjoyed the most was probably the Who am I drawing. In the who am i drawing we had to include what we liked. E.g marvel super heroes and cookies,candy,chocolate and photos.  There was one thing that we had to do was something called aurasma. To do the aurasma we had to do a speech. Then we         
uploaded it onto the aurasma app on the iPad. 

by VI & the work mostly done by Raven!


  1. I have really enjoyed seeing your Who Am I projects thanks. What great work you all did and what interesting histories and families we have :) Maybe in 100 years you will feature in a 'Who Am I' project for one of your great grandchildren - i wonder what that will look like.....
    Kirsty :)

    1. Thanks Kirsty,
      We all put a lot of time and hard work into our projects, so we appreciate your comment.
      That sounds like a awesome idea. I wonder if we would feature on their family trees?
      From Kakapo

  2. Hi I am from 5/6 M and M in Australia,,
    I really like your Who Am I projects.It must have been fun finding out interesting things from your family history.
    How many people did this activity?
    From Bess.
    Holy Spirit Community School.

    1. Hi Bess,
      Thanks for commenting on our blog.
      Yes, it was very interesting and fun to find out about our family histories.
      The whole class participated in the project, doing 5-8 tasks from the sheet.

      From Kakapo class

  3. Hi my name is Kane i am from 5/6MM

    I did a Who Am I project in Grade 3. It was really fun and interesting finding out about my families background and past. I hope you enjoy finding out about your families as much as i did. Good Luck with your searching of information.

    Holy Spirit Community School
    North Ringwood

    1. Hey Kane,
      Thanks for commenting,
      We had a lot of fun discovering our family histories and hearing the stories about our descendants. We enjoyed it very much.

      From Kakapo

  4. Hi and I'm from Holy Spirit Community School,5/6 MM,
    Your Who Am I projects looked like a lot of fun!
    You must've found out some facts about each other.
    Did you guess as a class who each of you were?
    From Georgia

    1. Hey Georgia,
      Thank you so much for posting a comment on our 'Who Am I' post.
      They were definitely a very fun project!
      Yes, when we read another person's project, we learnt a lot of interesting facts about each other's families.
      Guessing who each person was would have been a fun idea, as each person's project was unique.
      From Kakapo