Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Our Quadblogging challenge for this week...

Our Quadblogging challenge for this week...

Well done to Caitlin, Maia and Emi - (and any others who commented on our Melbourne Quadblogging class last week) Table points await you on your return to class in one weeks time.

We have had some issues being able to comment on the blog - this week. If you can post any comments - great. If not, please leave your comment in the comments section below this post and I will forward onto their teacher via email. Please make sure you add the title and author of the post you are commenting on. An example is below.

Its a class from Constantine Primary School in Cornwall, UK.

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  1. The Rushing River by Matthew and Ben
    Hi Matthew and Ben
    Great Poem!! You used some interesting adjectives! I like how the photo related to the poem. Did you base the poem on a waterfall you had seen in the past? We have some awesome waterfalls in New Zealand. You should visit sometime!!!
    Sacred Heart School Petone
    New Zealand.