Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Unlinking blogs from School

Kia ora tatou, 

As our school year draws to an end we have many administrative tasks to complete. One of which, if you are a Year 8, is to unlink your blog from our school. To do this you need to
1. Change your URL to something of your own choosing
2. Change your email address that controls the blog
3. Post the message below


To make sure we get all Year 8s doing the three simple steps I have created a google doc for you all to complete. Please click here to be directed to the doc, and fill it in. Here is the post that you need to make:

This is the final post that I will make as a SHP student on this blog. While the blog will remain open, it will be solely my responsibility to ensure that all content posted in the future (if any) is appropriate and continues to uphold the RISE Values that I have learnt at SHP. While this blog has at times been focused on school work and tasks, it has also been used as a means of expressing myself. At times me or classmates have made mistakes about what we have posted - however, we have used these opportunities to learn from our collective errors. I will try and remember these lessons should I choose to continue to use this blog. Such lessons are listed below (not an exhaustive list!)

  • Only post minimal personal information about yourself and others (It would be best to exclude surnames, and definitely no phone numbers etc)
  • Only post material that you would be happy to view with your Parent/s watching.
  • Never post personal messages to someone else that you wouldnt be happy saying to that person's face (in front of your parent/s)
  • When copying information from another source - make sure you are aware of appropriate copyright notification you should state or request before posting.

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